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SAG-AFTRA members ratify TV animation contracts

Chris Garlock | Published on 3/30/2024

SAG-AFTRA members have ratified new three-year television and basic cable animation contracts covering voice actors, with overwhelming support. The new contract provides for 7% wage increases in the first year of the contracts, additional increases in the second and third year, establishes Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth as contractual holidays and allows SAG-AFTRA to request up to two meetings a year with companies and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to ensure performers are paid on time. The deal also includes strong language on AI, that a “voice actor” can only refer to humans, grants rights to performers when any digital replica is “recognizable” as them, provides foreign residuals when a voice actor’s work is digitally translated into another language and exhibited, and mandates that producers must negotiate with the union if they use a synthetic voice instead of a voice actor.

- AFL-CIO Daily Brief

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