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Update on saving the UE ‘Solidarity’ mural

Chris Garlock | Published on 2/18/2024
“I have bad news and good news about the effort to preserve the ‘Solidarity’ mural at the UE Hall in Chicago,” reports Kari Thompson, Director of UE’s Research and Education Fund. “The bad news is that the large-scale emergency foundation funding we were hoping for, which would have paid for the entire process of preserving the mural, did not come through. But the good news is that we have raised enough money to remove and save the walls containing the most important parts of the mural, and that work will begin on Friday. Every additional dollar we can raise right now will help us save more of the mural — and any amount helps. Please consider making a contribution today.” CLICK HERE to donate.
photo: UE General President Carl Rosen gives a final tour of the mural in its original home to the Illinois Labor History Society on February 10.

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