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Chris Garlock | Published on 4/13/2024
Photo by Ryan Caulfield, Ventura, Calif., IBEW Local 952. One of the winning entries in the IBEW’s annual photo contest. Check out our interview about the contest on this week’s Labor Heritage Power Hour.  
Ryan Caulfield and fellow Local 952 member David Soo Hoo – who is working in the bucket – are employed by Taft Electric, where they specialize in repairing and replacing street lights and street cameras. Most of their work is at night, when it is less disruptive to traffic. Caulfield shot this picture at daybreak at an intersection just off a busy freeway in Ventura, Calif. He used an iPhone that he keeps in his safety vest. “The sun started coming up, and I thought it would be a great picture,” he said. “It just happened to come out this way.”

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